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Upcoming Workshop and Seminar in Nepal

Published on: November, 2015
Published By: Bivek Timalsina
Idea By: Bivek Timalsina
Managing Editor

Workshop on Metabolic Modeling 

Metabolic models represent the entire metabolic capabilities of an organism and facilitates the analysis of a system’s behaviour and understanding of cellular phenotypes under specific conditions. It allows the ability to perform “what-if” experiments by analysing the effects of gene manipulation and/or change in experimental conditions, without having to perform complicated and expensive experiments and has been used to identify targets for metabolic engineering , drug design, biofuel production etc.

Objectives of the workshop

1) To introduce the theoretical background and applications of metabolic modelling.
2) To introduce the techniques used in metabolic modelling including Linear Programming, Flux Balance Analysis, Elementary Mode Analysis.
3) To introduce the metabolic modelling tool, ScrumPy.
4) To understand metabolic networks using modelling techniques and to be able to apply the knowledge to experimental work.

Presented by:  Prof. David Fell, Dr. Mark Poolman, Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, UK

Date:               27 – 30 June 2016
Venue :           Tribhuvan University, Central Department of Biotechnology


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International Seminar on Interdisciplinary Approached to Biological Applications

The seminar is aimed to highlight the importance of interdisciplinary approaches in different branches of biological research and will cover current research aspects and prospects of multidisciplinary areas in biological research.

The overall agenda of the seminar is to elucidate:

1) How interdisciplinary approaches helps in biological research?
2) What can biologist learn from other areas of science?
3) How does computational tools and techniques help to study biological system?
4) Computational simulations to save time and money for in-vivo experiments !
5) Importance of mathematics to study biological systems !

Date:               1 July, 2016
Venue :           Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST)

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