International Journal of medicine & biomedical sciences


International Journal of Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (IJMBS) is an open access, peer-reviewed, quarterly published journal that encompasses all fundamental and molecular aspects of medical and biomedical sciences. It publishes original research papers, review papers, case studies, short communications, letter to the editors in all novel and innovative aspects of health, disease and environment encompassing medicine and biomedical sciences. 

We aim to bring relevant findings and message that advances our understanding of medical and biomedical sciences to a wide international audience using health, disease and techniques interrelated with it.

The following areas are covered in the Journal:

> Molecular Biology                                 > Bioinformatics                              > General Medicine  
> Microbiology                                         > Biochemistry                                > Internal Medicine
> Biotechnology                                       > Biologics                                       > Pathogenesis  
> Health and Disease                               > Pharmacy                                      > Diagnosis
> Epidemiology                                        > Nursing                                        > Treatment Protocols                                    

Scientific contributions from relevant Researchers, Clinical Practitioners, Health Professionals and Research Students under ethical and journal guidelines are appreciated. The major objective of this publication is to promote/ advance science through encouraging the researchers to publish and make the scientific information available to all in the most easily accessible form.


Authors, their institutions and third parties all have the same rights to reuse articles published in IJMBS in accordance with the Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0) license. This allows the articles to be shared and adapted to appropriate attribution.

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