International Journal of medicine & biomedical sciences


1. What is International journal of medicine & Biomedical sciences?

An International Journal of Medicine & Biomedical science is an open access, peer-reviewed journal that encompasses all fundamental and molecular aspects of medical and biomedical sciences published quarterly. Journal will emphasize on providing the molecular studies of biomedical problems and molecular mechanisms. Journal will consider any Original research articles, Clinical Investigations, Review articles, Case Series, Case reports, Letter to the Editor pertaining to clinical and biomedical sciences expands the field of general medical knowledge, and original research relating to case reports. All articles are available online.

2. Why submit to International Journal of Medicine & Biomedical sciences?

Because of :

-> Rapid peer review : Our insistence on fast and thorough peer review enables us to process manuscripts quickly; we aim to reach initial decisions within 2-3 weeks.

-> Rapid publication : Following the acceptance of a manuscript, it is published, with final citation details, as a provisional PDF file with minimal delay (subject to formatting checks, copy-editing and author verification). Fully formatted versions of the article replace the accepted manuscript within 3 weeks.

3. What is an open access?

All articles published in IJMBS are open access, which means they are freely and universally accessible online, and permanently archived in an internationally recognized open access repository.

4. What is benefit of open access?

Open access articles are freely available via the internet and are therefore more widely visible than articles published behind subscription barriers, with some studies suggesting that on average open access articles are twice as likely to be cited. Retaining copyright means the authors can reproduce and distribute their work as they choose, for example on their institution's website. Open access publication benefits the scientific community by making results of research immediately and freely available to all.

5. Is there any processing charges?

Unlike other journals, open access journals like IJMBS do not generate a revenue from selling a subscriptions indstead we make all the published article freely available. Like other open access journals, IJMBS charges $59  article processing charge (APC) once article accepted for publication. This charge helps to cover the cost of taking manuscript and giving a final shape.

6. Do I need permission to reproduce materials published in International Journal Of medicine & Biomedical sciences?

All articles published in IJMBS are open access, which means the articles are universally and freely available online. In addition, the authors retain copyright of their article, and grant any third party the right to use reproduce and disseminate the article, subject to the terms of our copyright and license agreement. Allowing the authors to retain copyright of their work permits wider distribution of their work on the condition it is correctly attributed to the authors.

7. Is there printed version of the journal?

IJMBS is published online only. If you wish to print out a copy of an article, we recommend you select the PDF version of the article online. PDFs of all articles have been formatted in a way that is ideal for printing, so, if you prefer, articles don't have to be read on screen.

8. What if I don't have consent for publication from my patient?

IJMBS requires that patients give informed, written consent for publication of each case report. Where the patient is a minor, or otherwise unable to give consent, the next of kin should be asked to provide consent. It is almost always impossible to publish a case report about a living patient without their consent for publication. Case reports without appropriate consent will be rejected prior to peer review.



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