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Necessity to organize Model –World Health Organization Nepal (MWHON-2016)


Necessity to organize Model –World Health Organization Nepal (MWHON-2016)!!

MWHON were not organized in Nepal previously, but in fact such programs are more significant to aware the different community and society global

Upcoming Workshop and Seminar in Nepal

Workshop on Metabolic Modeling 

Metabolic models represent the entire metabolic capabilities of an organism and facilitates the analysis of a system’s behaviour and understanding of cellular phenotypes under sp

Controlling mosquitoes is the key, to stop zika virus- no medication, no vaccination to prevent till now!

The virus was first identified in 1947, in a rhesus monkey at Uganda’s Forest called Zika.

Zika is mosquitoes borne virus, which is spreading explosively in Americas with high intensity. Different report shows that 80% of those who are infected with the Zika virus don't even f

Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2015

This year Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (2015) was awarded for the development of therapies against parasitic diseases. The prize was awarded to Youyou Tu "for her discoveries concerning a novel therapy against Malaria," and the other to William C. Campbell and Satoshi Ōmura &q

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