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Vol.1 Issue.2

Knowledge, Attitude and Practice on Dental Caries and Oral Hygiene among Medical Students at Janaki Medical College Teaching Hospital

Khushbu Yadav1, Satyam Prakash2*

1Lecturer, Department of Microbiology, Krishna Medical Technical Research Center, Janakpurdham, Nepal
2*Assistant Professor, Department of Biochemistry, Janaki Medical College Teaching Hospital, Janakpurdham, Nepal

Background: Oral health habits are measures people learn and practice regularly in order to maintain good oral health or prevent oral diseases. The mouth is an integral part of the body, and there are oral manifestations of many systemic diseases that must be managed in both healthy and medically compromised people. Oral health knowledge is considered to be an essential requirement for health-related practices. A good quality of life is possible if students maintain their oral health and become free of oral disease.  Dental caries are increasing in developing countries day by day where preventive programs have not been implemented properly. The level of information on oral health knowledge and practices among medical students is unidentified and worthy of investigation in Nepal, and this study aimed at assessing the level of knowledge, attitude and practices on dental caries and oral hygiene among medical students studying at Janaki Medical College Teaching Hospital, Janakpurdham.

Methods: A standard structured closed-questionnaire was designed and distributed to medical students studying in MBBS programme to assess the knowledge, attitude and practice about dental caries and oral hygiene.

Results: Out of 330 medical students, 145 were male and 185 were female, of which male had the highest knowledge regarding dental caries which was found to be statistically significant. Most of the students had attitude of visiting once in year for dental check up. The highest number of students had once per day brushing habit in early morning with fluoride containing tooth paste.

Conclusions: The present study concluded that the knowledge and practice status of oral hygiene and dental caries among medical students was found to be satisfactory. More oral health education programs must be conducted for the control of oral diseases.


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